Cherub skeleton type  clock 

​hear the chimes   lovely tone   
Frontal view    see item description   for details 
superb dial  some dents to  outside  ring   
bronze cherub   good detail
movement all cleaned /polished 
jungens movement   bo9 
see thumbnail  
The clock is  23" ( 59 cms ) tall  with a 6" dial  . Made of brass the cherub is standing on  a plaster base  . The jungens b09  movement  with a working pendulum  has been cleaned  , set up  and polished  . The bell  strike is lovely . 
I think originally this was a light base but the addition of the clock  makes a lovely statement piece . It keep good time . There are a couple of dents to the dial edge  but this is in keeping with the age of the clock .  £200  ono