Grandfather clocks   just arrived   for Sale  now 
Lovely painted faced   grandfather clock with inlaid   decoration to case  
the ship painting is  lovely  . The movement has been cleaned  serviced  regutted and set up . 1 year warranty offered with this  super clock  
Thomas  Hamilton  Grandfather Clock 
90" x 50" 10"  
Oak Case   in immaculate condition   
Date wheel and moon roller  as pictured NOT Working   , no moving parts  , could be remade to work but parts are expensive  !   
Movement has been cleaned overhauled and set up   and the clock keeps good time  .

  • Superb Grandmother westminster chiming clock     
  • 52 " tall  lovely clear white dial   on long gongs so lovely mellow chime  . 8 day  key wound  . 
  • case is good   and nice art deco detailing to front   
  • £225 
This is a chain driven small grandfather clock   with westminster chimes 
Red wood case   and brass dial , weights and oendulum

73" x 16" x 8    will fit a modern house